Here are 22 legendary bands who have released five or fewer studio albums.

What we have is proof that you don't need to be terribly prolific to make a lasting impact on music and, judging by the status of a lot of these groups, perhaps less really is more.

For various reasons, the artists below have brief catalogs. Some (Nirvana, for instance) were cut short due to a tragic and untimely death — while other artists (such as Guns N' Roses and System of a Down) have been bogged down by internal disputes at different inflection points in their respective careers.

Regardless of why these discographies are so limited, they're just as revered as some of the most prolific acts out there. Their songs are timeless, incapable of being overplayed or exhausted by their fans who don't have 10 to 15 albums to keep themselves satiated. And it makes the prospect of one more album — some way, some day — eternally tantalizing, regarding those whose principle members are still with us.

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Pause for a moment and try to think of artists with the smallest discographies and then check the list of 22 Legendary Bands Who Have Released 5 or Fewer Studio albums below to see how many are there.

22 Legendary Bands With 5 or Less Studio Albums

You don't have to be the most prolific band to be legendary.

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