Hardcore heavyweights Knocked Loose have just released two filthy, bone-crunching new songs — "Deep in the Willow" and "Everything Is Quiet Now" — and one of them features a breakdown callout that is already on its way to becoming iconic.

Move over, "Arf! Arf!" and say hello to, "Knocked Loose, motherfucker," the callout that's featured before a filthy breakdown in "Deep in the Willow." Twitter and Reddit are both absolutely buzzing about this hard as nails part of the track.

Famously, "Arf! Arf! is taken from "Counting Worms," a standout track on the Kentucky group's 2016 album Laugh Tracks. It helped popularize the band due to its meme-worthy status and the sheer over-the-top nature of making a dog noise (Or seal? Or sea lion? We're not zoologists here, okay?).

In some ways, that callout has come to define the band, who just combined two new songs into one music video, which can be seen below. Even with another album (2019's A Different Shade of Blue) and an EP (2021's A Tear in the Fabric of Life), it's still the song that everyone talks about the most when it comes to live performances.

But that might change now that fans are enamored with frontman Bryan Garris barking, "Knocked Loose, motherfucker!"

We can already envision the sea of flying elbows and reckless spin kicks when Knocked Loose bring this track to the stage.

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Commenting on both tracks, Garris offers, “‘Deep in the Willow’ and ‘Everything is Quiet Now’ are a reminder that we are heavy, intense, and extreme. Some elements come and go, but those will never change. After ‘A Tear in the Fabric of Life’ we were inspired to see how much art we could incorporate moving forward — which led us to a style of video we’ve never attempted or approached."

He goes on, "Taking myself specifically far outside of my comfort zone and pushing the boundaries on how I’ve been seen in the past was a creative experience I will never forget. This video wouldn’t be what it is without the collaboration with Eric Richter, someone we’ve admired for a while. And the songs wouldn’t be what they are without [producer] Drew Fulk, a new friend and creative ear in the entire process.”

Fans on Twitter appear to be mesmerized by the audacity possessed by Knocked Loose to shout out their own band name in such a fashion. One person said they did "the biggest stink face and laugh" when that part of the song came up.

"'Knocked Loose, motherfucker' made me piss and shit in my pants," says a Reddit user.

See more fan reactions further down this page.

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Knocked Loose, "Deep in the Willow / Everything Is Quiet Now" Music Video

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Knocked Loose, "Deep in the Willow" Lyrics

Deep in the willow
Hidden from grace
Succumb to insecurity
Your final resting place
Crafting your perfect world Ignoring total truth
You'll die alone
There's only room for you
True colors shown
And I'm not impressed

A KING TO NONE Atop your throne you will die alone
A KING TO NONE Your greed lies deeper than blood
A KING TO NONE Atop your throne you will die alone
A KING TO NONE Your greed lies deeper than blood

Deep in the willow you sink alone
Don't lose your balance on the fence
You're only swimming up stream
Tail tucked for the world to see
Living your life playing on both teams It all comes back around
The tables turn
A rat to most
To me less
True colors shown
And I'm not impressed

A KING TO NONE Atop your throne you will die alone
A KING TO NONE Your greed lies deeper than blood
A KING TO NONE A rat to most to me less
A KING TO NONE And I'm not impressed

Deep in the willow

Knocked Loose, "Everything Is Quiet Now" Lyrics

If I were god I'd blind the youth
The gnawing weight of our final night
To all the pain that hides in truth
Unwilling I have been fed to life
Bellowing for just a crumb
Static in the constant hum
To drink from life's flowing stream
Upon loss
Upon loss were reminded of hell
Existence of pain and free will
Denial A cancer that eats at the shell
Lost forever
Upon loss Lives denial
Upon loss How can I move on now?
Are you washed in the blood?
It sinks in its teeth it comes
for us all Are you washed in the blood?
It comes for me in the dead of night
In the dead of night I was visited by death again
Upon loss
Everything is quiet now

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