Jacoby Shaddix recalled when Motley Crue tried to limit Papa Roach's stage use on a 2008 tour.

During a live Q+A with Q101, Shaddix and guitarist Jerry Horton were asked which tour was their favorite. Horton replied that Papa Roach's tour with Korn in 2000 was special because of how well Korn treated the fledgling band, who'd just wrapped up Warped Tour.

"They took us under their wing," Horton said. "They treated us great and they set the bar for how we treated bands when we took them out."

Shaddix agreed with Horton's statement about Korn, adding that they never tried to interfere with Papa Roach's volume when they played or limited the amount of space they could use on the stage — something that Motley Crue apparently did to them years later on their 2008 Crue Fest tour.

According to the singer, Crue's stage had wings on the side, and the stage manager told Shaddix that Papa Roach couldn't use them. He used them anyway, and noted that he received numerous calls from management about it.

"It was in Ohio somewhere, and I remember getting offstage, I'm all sweaty and walking back to the bus. And you never see Vince [Neil] and Nikki [Sixx] together on tour, and these two dudes are walking side by side," Shaddix remembered.

The Papa Roach frontman claimed he had befriended most of Crue by this point, but still didn't know Neil very well. Neil and Sixx apparently asked Shaddix how the show went that day in Ohio, and then the Crue singer made a comment about the stage wings.

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"Vince looks at me, he goes, 'You know, next time you walk out on that wing over there, you could just walk right off this tour.' I didn't skip a beat, I just looked at him and said, 'So there is a fucking way off this tour!'" Shaddix remarked.

"I love the dudes in Motley Crue, but it was like, how are you gonna try to tell somebody to live by rules? You're fucking Motley Crue. Like, give me a break!"

Watch the full Q+A, which also features an acoustic performance by Shaddix and Horton, below.

Jacoby Shaddix Says Motley Crue Tried to Limit Papa Roach's Stage Use on 2008 Tour

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