In Flames vocalist Anders Friden has revealed what he estimates "is probably the best album that ever was" in a recent interview with Chaoszine.

No, it's not a death metal album as one may suspect and it's actually from an artist most wouldn't typically associate with In Flames and the melodic death metal/alt-metal brands they've purveyed throughout their career.

When asked about his "most important idol or role model (transcription via Blabbermouth)," Friden tells Chaoszine, "I have a few. Layne [Staley] from Alice In Chains was a huge lyrical inspiration and Alice in Chains is one of my top bands ever. Dirt is probably the best album that ever was."

Release in 1992, Dirt is the five-times platinum album by the Seattle grunge legends, refining the pioneering elements laid down on their 1990 debut, Facelift. It is by far the most represented album when it comes to live performances and spawned a handful of all-time hits in "Would?", "Them Bones", "Angry Chair", "Rooster" and "Down in a Hole." Dirt is generally regarded as Alice in Chains' crowning achievement and as one of the greatest records of the 1990s.

Speaking about other huge influences, Friden shouts out other artists whose sound isn't directly linked to In Flames, but the impact is there regardless.

"I really admire Trent Reznor and what he's done, and his work with Atticus [Ross] now; they write a lot of soundtracks, stuff like that," he continues, "Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. My God, there are so many out there, artists that I really look up to. A person like David Bowie, what he did and how he treated his art and what he'd done with his career. And he passed away way too early. But there's a lot of them."

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Earlier in the interview, Friden answers a question about what type of music he would play if he wasn't in a metal band.

Turning his attention to his side project, the vocalist says, "Electronic music, for sure. If Anything, Suspicious is my [outlet] where I do ambient electronic music so it's already an ongoing thing so it's definitely what I would do. It's such a different vibe and feel than you have when you play in a heavy metal band. This is my escape. This is what I like to do. [There are] no lyrics whatsoever. I don't have to think or write any lyrics which is nice."

Watch the full interview below.

Earlier this year, In Flames released Foregone, their 14th studio album.

In Flames' Anders Friden — Interview With Chaoszine

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