Can you guess these '80s hair metal videos from just a couple of screenshots?

The '80s, especially the latter portion of the decade, brought us a wealth of rockers depleting the ozone with hair spray, growing out and teasing up those locks and yes, rocking the daylights out of the stage and MTV. It was a golden era for hair metal and you likely were jamming up the Dial MTV phone lines just to make sure your favorite clips made the daily countdown.

We've got 15 classic videos from hair metal era bands, providing you clues with varying difficulty to see if you're able to guess what video it is by the video stills provided. Do you need to bone up on your Bon Jovi? Now's the time to tap into that video vault stored inside your brain.

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We'll go by the honor system here. Tally up your totals and see how you fared. Then challenge your friends to see if they can beat your score. How well do you know these '80s hair metal videos? Scroll down and take the challenge to find out.

Can You Guess These '80s Hair Metal Videos?

Lots of locks, but which teased up do's belong to which music video?

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

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