Which rock artists have played the Super Bowl? There have been quite a few despite the recent shortage of rock-centric material on the world's biggest viewing stage.

Believe it or not, there was a time when the Super Bowl halftime show wasn't that big of a deal. The inaugural Super Bowl in 1967 featured the University of Arizon and Grambling marching bands. Marching bands actually played a key role in the halftime entertainment well into the '70s.

The year 1969 brought the first themed performance with "America Thanks" aided by the Florida A&M marching band. Pulling in name talent for themed performances started to take off in the '80s, and Michael Jackson's 1993 performance really ushered in the star-studded halftime performances we've come to expect today.

Who was the first rock band to play the Super Bowl? That would be ZZ Top in 1997, but it was part of a collaborative performance with The Blues Brothers and James Brown also taking the stage.

Despite a recent drought of rock acts in the Super Bowl halftime spotlight, there was a stretch of six years in the 2000s where a sole rock performer took center stage.

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