Black Stone Cherry are safe after the band found themselves caught in the panic surrounding a shooting involving undercover police officers and two male suspects at the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kansas, on Sunday (Nov. 12).

The members of the long-running Southern hard rock group were at the shopping mall enjoying a day off amid their current tour when a single shot was fired inside the building. A suspect had somehow got their hands on one of the plainclothes officer's firearms, according to a report from KMBC 9.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported at the mall. In a social media post, Black Stone Cherry vividly recounted the alarm and confusion that ensued as they attempted to regroup after the incident.

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"We are feeling incredibly extra THANKFUL and BLESSED tonight," Black Stone Cherry singer-guitarist Chris Robertson says. "We were enjoying a day off at Oak Park Mall outside Kansas City. … One minute you're looking around a shop, the next you hear screaming, chaos, and what sounded like a stampede. There had been shots fired inside."

He continues, "People were running everywhere and you could hear and see panic on every innocent face. It was truly terrifying. I texted our band group and told everyone wherever you are, to get out immediately. I found a top level parking lot exit and came out and saw people tripping over road cones, parents holding their children while running."

Video: Single Shot Fired Inside Oak Park Mall in Overland Park (KMBC 9)

During the panic, Robertson says, Black Stone Cherry's drummer, John Fred Young, was caught "in lockdown inside a store with about 15 other people. The rest of us that were inside had made it to the bus. We texted with JF back n fourth giving updates."

In the end, the "local PD did a great job and apprehended two suspects and thankfully, nobody was hurt," the lead singer says. "This isn't a post for sympathy for us, but more of a post to say we are just so incredibly thankful. So incredibly blessed."

From KMBC 9:

A single shot was fired during a struggle between three plainclothes officers and two unidentified male suspects who were being apprehended for shoplifting. One of the suspects is believed to have fired the shot after getting ahold of an officer's firearm during the confrontation.

Black Stone Cherry Members Caught in Panic of Kansas Mall Shooting

Robertson adds, "This was the first time our group had been in a situation like this while on the road, doing something we do every single day off. We embraced each other multiple times after this experience. … We love you all so much. We love each so much. You just never know — take time to tell those you love them."

Black Stone Cherry are currently on tour in the U.S. through spring 2024. Screamin' at the Sky, their eighth studio album, emerged in September.

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Black Stone Cherry Update - Nov. 12, 2023

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