The NFL regular season is about to kick off and we already know that most of East Texas is rooting for the Dallas Cowboys or will be attending games in Arlington, TX at AT&T Stadium.

Before you get too gassed up and excited, you need to know that there's some things you won't be able to bring to the game or else you won't get in. Of course you know you can't bring alcohol, drugs, or weapons but when we combed through the AT&T "Prohibited Items" list we found some other interesting things you can't bring.

You Can Find The Complete List At The AT&T Stadium Website.


You definitely will want to take a look at their rules so you don't mess up and delay your way into the game. So let's take a look at a some of the items you can't bring to Dallas Cowboys games in 2023 and if you're planning on traveling to a road game, make sure you check that team and stadium's policies as well.

5 Things You Can't Bring To Dallas Cowboys Games

We found 5 interesting items that are banned from AT&T Stadium during Dallas Cowboys games. Here's 5 of them.

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