The Fourth of July weekend has come and gone but the residual effects still linger as vacationers got the scare of their life in South Padre Island, Texas as not one, but four people encountered a shark attack.

On Thursday, July 4th, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) responded to reports of people being bitten by a shark. On arrival they discovered that two people had been seriously bitten by the shark while two others received minor injuries.

Tabatha Sullivent who lost her left calf in the attack said she was "grateful to be alive" after being attacked by the shark as they swam in the waters off the coast of South Padre Island. Once bitten, Tabatha attempted to swim ashore as the shark was in pursuit. But because of the quick action of her husband, who also suffered some bites, rescuers were able to get to her for medical attention.

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First of all, I am glad that no lives were lost in this encounter. Second, this makes me incredibly nervous because my family and I will be hitting the beaches of South Padre Island in September. Don't think I haven't thought about NOT going into the water.

Look, I'm cool with swimming with the sharks as long as I'm in a cage, but I definitely will have my head on a swivel when we go to SPI in September.

Again, glad everyone was safe but this is a reminder that we should always be vigilant in the water and you never know what may be lurking under the water.

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