Vacationers in Texas have been turning more towards Airbnb rentals in recent years rather than traditional hotels. And one of the coolest hidden gems in the Lone Star State will have you living like a millionaire.

Imagine stepping into the world of luxury and elegance in a massive 6-bedroom mansion where you'll feel like you're the richest person on the planet. But instead of having to fork over a huge mortgage each month, you can simply rent this mansion for a weekend getaway to get a museum-like experience.

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The iconic Fulwiler House has been part of the Abilene, Texas landscape since the 1920s. This mansion, which is on the National Registry of Historic Places, comes in at almost 6,000 square feet taking up 2/3 of a city block, and is located in the Sayles Blvd. area of town.

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Live Out Your Millionaire Dreams in Abilene's Mansion Airbnb

Want to feel old-money rich for a weekend in Abilene, Texas? Check out the historic Fulwiler House on Airbnb.

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The total of six bedrooms includes two king-size beds, two double beds, and two twin beds with all linens included and on-site laundry. A fully functional kitchen and stocked fridge and pantry make indoor or outdoor dining a breeze.

Climbing trees within a privacy fence and a "game room" basement make this the perfect stay for up to 10 guests, kids included. WiFi, self-check-in, keypad entry, and private patios mean you can kick back and truly live it up like the Roaring Twenties at Fulwiler House.

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Gallery Credit: Chaz