I am hooked on this place called Realtor.com,  I literally will spend an hour in the evening just looking and daydreaming of the day when I can afford a beautiful home just like the one on the realtor.com website. Then I ran across this one home they titled the 100 Carnarvon Drive in Houston. This glorious palace-like home is only $36,000,000.00 or about $243,763.00 a month.

If the price doesn't take your breath away, this phenomenal home will, because it left me breathless. I could really see myself living in it and inviting everyone over for lunch or dinner. Some of the views are just incredible and if I'm not mistaken they're almost fairytale-like, you know like a Walt Disney movie palace.

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Just looking over the photos I then realized that this massive mansion is set on about two and a half acres. Even the home that I live in now has twice as much acreage, but it's nowhere near as nice.

A couple of other things that I thought were really cool like the "guest house" or better yet the "mother-in-law's house" as I refer to it. The entry hall with the painted dome ceiling is dazzling, all the cool statues throughout the mansion, and the primary bathroom has a hot tub and a massage table.

And this Palace may be spread out over 2.32 acres but the home itself is so spacious, that it's over 26,000 square feet of living space. The primary suite is nearly as big as my house.

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Here is how the square footage is spread throughout the house:


  • Bedrooms: 8 total
  • Bedroom 1 Dimensions: 39 x 16
  • Bedroom 2 Dimensions: 19 x 13
  • Bedroom 3 Dimensions: 22 x 13
  • Bedroom 4 Dimensions: 13 x 13
  • Bedroom 5 Dimensions: 24 x 16
  • Bedroom 6 Dimensions: 19 x 13
  • Bedroom 7 Dimensions: 20 x 14
  • Bedroom 8 Dimensions: 22 x 12


  • Total Bathrooms: 12
  • Full Bathrooms: 8
  • 1/2 Bathrooms: 4
  • Bathroom 1 Dimensions: 20 x 12
  • Bathroom 2 Dimensions: 20 x 14
  • Bathroom 1 Level: 1st
  • Bathroom 2 Level: 1st
  • Primary Bathroom Description: Bidet, Primary Bath: Double Sinks, Primary Bath: Separate Shower

And by the way, Yes! This palatial home also boasts a sprawling Parisian-styled swimming pool. Defined by realtor.com as "Dignified and regal on a magnitude rarely seen, 100 Carnarvon is truly a magnificent home to enjoy." I say Amen to that.

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