As we continue to deal with the heat and pray for rain, one thing is for sure - we will get some rain at some point during the West Texas Fair & Rodeo (WTFR). By the way, when the WTFR is in town, be aware there is a code of conduct we must all follow, so don't be acting crazy.

Some weeks ago when the High School Rodeo was in town at the Expo Center, I had a conversation with Taylor County Expo Center Director Rochelle Johnson. I made commented on how all the young cowboys and cowgirls competing in the rodeo were extremely polite, and how I wished that attitude would spill over to other young teens in West Texas.

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Johnson informed me that the Expo Center and WTFR have a code of conduct posted with all the information about proper conduct, behavior, dress and much more. It's on the WTFR website.

Code of Conduct

  • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. A shirt and shoes are required. No exposed underwear, baggy pants below the waist, mid-drift shirts, clothing with explicit wording or signing, gang colors, or gang signs.
  • Gang-related dress and activities are prohibited.
  • No disorderly, disruptive conduct or behavior that endangers others will be tolerated. Skateboarding, rollerblades, bicycles, radios, cat calls, profanity, etc. are prohibited.
  • Any federal, state, or local criminally recognized act or group is prohibited.
  • No picketing, distributing handbills, soliciting, or petitioning without management approval.
  • No pets are allowed in public areas except those that aid the handicapped.
  • Do not feed, water, or touch livestock in the show barns unless permission is granted by the animals' owner.
  • Use trash receptacles. Please help us keep our facility clean for others to enjoy.
  • No loitering, blocking storefronts, or walking groups that inconvenience others.
  • School truancy policy enforced.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed beyond the midway into the carnival nor may they be consumed in the parking lots. Remember, if you drink DON’T DRIVE. Call a cab or have a friend drive you home.
  • Smoking is prohibited. The West Texas Fair & Rodeo is a public event and smoking will not be allowed while on the fairgrounds.
  • No food or drink is permitted to be brought inside the gates unless for children in strollers.
  • This list is not all-inclusive and may be modified at any time by the management.

Know the code of conduct, be polite and don't act crazy, you might get escorted out.

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