It's National Coffee Day, which means there's free coffee to be had around the country. And if your company is anything like ours, the coffee that's supplied in the break room royally sucks. I don't know this first hand because I can't drink coffee, but EVERYONE says it sucks.

So here are some places that you can get some free coffee at to celebrate National Coffee Day.

  • Krispy Kreme will give you one free coffee a day all weekend.
  • Dunkin' Donuts is doing buy-one-get-one-free today.
  • McDonald's will give you a free coffee with their app, or any coffee drink for $2 today.
  • Cinnabon will give you a free 12 ounce coffee today.
  • Keurig might not have free coffee, but they are having a sale on their website this weekend. 20% all K-Cup pods this weekend.
  • Tim Hortons will give you a free coffee now through October 8th just for downloading their app.

You can find a few more specials if you follow THIS LINK.

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