What a responsibility it is looking after someone who has passed! Islander explore that idea a bit in their new video for their latest single, "Casket."

The Nathan Mowery-directed clip features a man digging a grave, then going back and physically carrying a body across terrain to its final resting place. This black-and-white striking visual is set against the song "Casket," a track that has a bit of a swinging, chugging rock vibe to it that magnifies in intensity late to portray the emotion that Mikey Carvajal is delivering.

Speaking with Revolver (who premiered the video), Carvajal revealed, "We actually shot this video on NASA's property in Florida. We were riding to a show with the director, Nathan Mowery, and saw a spot that looked good to dig some graves down a gravel road. Once a NASA helicopter started hovering right above us, it was pretty apparent that we probably should have picked another spot. Thankfully we were already done shooting. Also, we didn't find any aliens, sadly."

As for the song itself, the singer added, "Lyrically when I was writing 'Casket,' I felt like I took a page out of the Johnny Cash playbook. I think the song speaks for itself, it's a jammer." You can find the track on Islander's Power Under Control album.

Islander will be back on tour in June, headlining shows with support from Bad Seed Rising and The Funeral Portrait. They've also got support dates in June on the "Summer of Serenity" tour featuring Korn and Stone Sour. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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