Before they were famous, these artists sat down with filmmakers for some of their first ever interviews. From humble beginnings, these interviews offer a rare look into hungry musicians working for their big break.

Red Hot Chili Peppers had a hilarious early TV gig in 1984, playing “Get Up and Jump” and joking around with the host. “We rock out with our cock out,” Flea exclaimed. “We slide, we glide, we move, we groove, we loot, we retoot, we do it!” The bassist then showed how he and Anthony Kiedis picked up chicks, also explaining how he in fact mooned a crowd during a wild gig.

Before they became Linkin Park, a young band called Hybrid Theory invited cameras into their rehearsal space to show how they ate and slept music. “Music should be your life, period,” a red-headed Chester Bennington explained. “The only way you’re ever even gonna have a chance to make it in this business is if you’re willing to sacrifice everything to achieve your goal.”

In 2005, Paramore became one of the youngest bands in history to perform at Warped Tour. At just 16 years old, Hayley Williams did one of her first interviews ever at Warped, explaining how all the older bands had been super nice to them. “I don’t see us as a girl band,” she said. “It’s more or less we’re a band that loves doing what we’re doing.”

Check out these 10 Interviews With Artists Before They Were Famous in the Loud List below.

10 Interviews With Artists Before They Were Famous

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