Someone tell us what exactly we are doing wrong! Our new episode of "What the Buzz" titled "What are we doing wrong?" is now available on a variety of platforms! You can hear it on Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic and Spotify. In this episode we discuss influencers. If you're unsure what an influencer is, don't worry, we cover that in the podcast. One thing that really amazed Emily and I? How time consuming it is to get the ONE picture that influencer's post on their social media platforms.

We also discuss relationships. With Valentine's day right around the corner, it's perfect timing to bring up the subject of love. Before recording our episode, Emily and I asked our Instagram followers what is their relationship killer. We took the time to read them and we reveal what a study says is the actual number one killer of relationships.

Emily and I will continue the topic of relationships as we enter the month of love. Catch up on our latest episode of "What the Buzz: What are we doing wrong?" now.

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