Wild West Fest continues throughout this week with an awesome show at the River Stage Friday evening featuring the Turnpike Troubadours and opening bands William Beckmann and Cody Canada and The Departed whom I interviewed today!

Cody Canada is one of the most recognized names on the Texas/Red Dirt music scene today and for that matter has been for years.

Cody's first venture was being front man for Cross Canadian Ragweed formed in Yukon, Oklahoma in 1994 and quickly relocated to Stillwater, sharing their Rockin' Red Dirt music with a fast growing fan base. These guys had a tremendous following from 1994 until breaking up in 2010.

After the breakup, Cody formed a new band in 2011...Cody Canada and The Departed. Since then Cody Canada and The Departed have carried on in that gritty and lyrically provocative style that keeps packed crowds hanging on every word.

Just last month, on July 1st, the band released the reboot of “Soul Gravy,” that Ragweed recorded in 2004. Eighteen years later, Canada still harbored a touch of regret that the original album was not recorded the way he wanted it to be due to the band’s relentless tour schedule.

The 2004 original album peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and featured the singles "Sick and Tired" (a collaboration with Lee Ann Womack) and "Alabama," both of which charted on the Hot Country Songs charts.

During our visit, we talked about the reboot of “Soul Gravy”. We also talked about the band being a little too country for rock & roll, and a little too rock & roll for country but that it really has served them well during both bands.

I also ask him what fans could expect on stage this Friday at the River Stage because he has so much to choose from in his career including Cross Canadian Ragweed music, The Departed music, new music....what should we expect?

Check the interview out here....

Tickets are available at Stubwire.com, Blair's Western Wear and at the River Stage Box office if there are any left!! This is going to be a great show!!

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