Donald Trump attended the college football championship on Monday and he was on the field for the National Anthem. It didn’t pass without notice that his approach to singing the anthem was…lackadaisical?

OK, fine…as far as I know, there aren’t any rules about singing the Star Spangled Banner (at least not since 5th grade). You can sing it…or not. You can sing just some of the words if that’s what you feel like. I’m not the anthem police here.

Buuuuut…it would seem like if you’re the guy who’s been harping on people not respecting the anthem by sitting or kneeling, you might want to really belt it out. Loud and proud! This would’ve been a great way to show all those libtards that you really, really love the anthem and that you’re not just using it as a racist dog whistle to whip up anti-black sentiment among your crazy base.

This was kind of weak, Don. Fortunately, we now know what was actually going on during this lack-luster rendition thanks to the guys from Bad Lip Reading!

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