Update: This morning (April 16) Stern denied his intent to retire from radio. The host reminded fans and media not to always take him seriously and that he's always kicking around the idea of retirement. Howard spoke with co-host Robin Quivers earlier today suggesting they quit after their contract is up, but the decision is far from being made.

Radio legend Howard Stern says he’s retiring after his contract ends in 2020. Stern revealed his intentions yesterday morning (April 15) citing anxiety and stress as major factors for his decision.

Stern’s career in radio has spanned over 40 years. In becoming one of the most successful radio personalities in history, Stern has accumulated a cult fan base, written three books (the latest dropping May 14), starred in a movie about his life, judged on America’s Got Talent and landed some of biggest money contracts in entertainment history.

“When I get out of radio. I’m getting out man. I’m pretty sure I’m almost out the door,” Stern said, according to Radar Online. “I’m getting out anyway because I realize that radio is affecting my health. When I’m home on the weekends I’m fine. And then when I come here all kinds of shit happens. I won’t get into all the details, but I get all fucking anxious, and medical issues.

“I’m getting out. No really, I’m done,” Stern declared. “Two years and I’m out of here.”

Stern has contemplated retirement in the past, holding out until the last minute to inform his staff and audience of new contract signings. In 2015, Howard signed a five-year deal with SiriusXM, extending his career until 2020.

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