Former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones and YouTuber Jared Dines have been collaborating for a new project. According to Dines, they’re seven songs deep into writing and the cuts sound like Howard-era Killswitch Engage.

Howard Jones helped propel Killswitch Engage toward becoming the biggest metalcore band in the world thanks to his vocals on 2004’s The End of Heartache. Jones remained with Killswitch for two more albums before leaving in 2012, leaving the door open for original singer Jesse Leach to return.

Jones went on to form Light the Torch, formerly named Devil You Know, and even collaborated with Killswitch again on their 2019 song “The Signal Fire.”

“Who remembers 'Howard Jones era' Killswitch Engage?!” Dines began in a tweet. “Who wants to hear more music like that WITH THE MAN HIMSELF Howard Jones but also with ........ MYSELF?! ..well shit, you might like these 7 songs we're sitting on then! ;)”

Dines also shared that he worked with Trivium’s Matt Heafy on original music, composing two songs back in 2018.

“Who's been waiting on @matthewkheafy and I to make original heavy fucking music together?! WE DID!!! ..2 years ago!! (hopefully out soon) Would you believe me if I said I'm already 2 songs deep into the 2nd ep with him?!” Dines tweeted.

A giant shred collab album is also on the way, featuring a huge stable of talented people. “Ya'll remember the biggest shred collab songs I do every year? Well, who wants a BIGGEST SHRED COLLAB ALBUM?! ..What's that?! It's already been finished for weeks?! ..It has people such as Stevie T, Angel Vivaldi, Matt Heafy, Cole Rolland, Berried Alive, Andy James, and more?!

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