Texas Roadhouse is a fan favorite for many reasons, but especially for their delicious rolls. Nothing goes better with those rolls than their delicious cinnamon honey butter. Although the rolls aren’t too easy to make at home (unless you’re an experienced baker), the butter is really simple to throw together.

As a foodie and lover of all things made from scratch, I would opt to start by making my own butter, but that step isn't required. I will say that making your own butter is extremely easy as long as you have a stand mixer and some patience. All you need to get started is that stand mixer and some heavy whipping cream.

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Go ahead and pour your heavy cream into your mixing bowl, turn your mixer on a medium-low speed and let it do its thing. After around 10 minutes, you'll notice that the cream is going to have separated into a solid and a liquid. There you have it, you’ve made butter and buttermilk.

Go ahead and save the buttermilk for another recipe and collect the butter that's clumped onto the whisk. You're then going to give the butter a good rinse in cold water, squeezing the butter to form a solid clump of golden butter.

If you decide to skip that step, go ahead and grab a room temperature stick of butter to use instead. Take your homemade or store-bought butter, grab some powdered sugar, cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract and salt and whip it all together until it's well combined and a bit fluffy. Spread it onto some warm bread and there you go, you just made cinnamon honey butter.

If you want exact measurements, be sure to check out some of these videos to find which recipe suits you best.

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