A mass exodus is occurring at Holy Roar Records following allegations of rape against label founder Alex Fitzpatrick. The staff of Holy Roar have announced their departure from the label, while multiple bands have also severed ties.

Founded in 2006, Holy Roar has been a hub for modern punk, rock and metal in the UK. The label put out one of Gallows' first demos and much of Rolo Tommasi's discography, more recently signing bands like Svalbard, Mol and Conjurer.

Two Instagram users simultaneously published accusations against Fitzpatrick, using each other’s handles to share each others stories along with their own. “Statement 1” claims Fitzpatrick raped one of the accusers in 2015. “Statement 2” puts forth a similar accusation, with two additional rape accusations described in detail.

Ithaca was one of the first Holy Roar bands to publicly respond to the allegations against Fitzpatrick, eventually celebrating the “death” of the label once its staff departed:

More bands joined the exodus from Holy Roar Records, publicly announcing they were severing ties with the label or considering their next steps:

Fitzpatrick posted his own statement to his Facebook page, denying the allegations made against him:

You may have been made aware of the devastating allegations against me on social media, the most serious of which have been made by women who I dated approximately 8 years ago. These allegations are false, and I am doing everything I can to clear my name. I immediately instructed solicitors to help me defend my name and reputation. For legal reasons, I am advised by my solicitors, at this stage, to refrain from making further comments. I have also resigned with immediate effect from my businesses to enable me to focus on clearing my name.

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