One Texas hotel employee is being praised for working 32 hours straight after Tropical Storm Imelda stopped his coworkers from coming into work. Satchel Smith isn't your typical employee and is willing to go above and beyond at his job. On Wednesday, September 18th, Tropical Storm Imelda was starting to pour rain down on Beaumont, Texas when Smith arrived at his job at Homewood Suites hotel. According to Smith, when he arrived at work it was raining, but the areas around the hotel weren't flooding- yet.

According to WFAA at 7 p.m., his coworker texted to say she couldn't make it in due to the weather and the next morning, he was still there alone. The guests were now waking up and coming down to breakfast and it was up to Smith to get breakfast for the entire hotel. Thankfully, some of the guests stepped up to help him cook food for the hungry guests. For dinner, more guests joined in to help make food, and they even invited guests from a hotel nearby, since they were out of food. Smith and his hotel guests also went out on to Interstate 10 to give water to stranded truckers on the freeway. One of the hotel guests, Angela Chandler, took Smith's photo and posted it on Facebook, thanking him for being there for the hotel guests and doing it all with a smile on his face.

Finally, after beginning his shift on Wednesday, September 18th at 3 pm, Smith was finally off the clock and could go home. Instead of going home, the exemplary worker took a nap at the hotel then went right back to work helping his coworkers. Angela Chandler's post has now gone viral online, with over 6 thousand comments and 13 thousand shares. Smith doesn't think of himself as a hero though and says it was just the right thing to do.

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