With a new Hellyeah album coming, you might be scratching your head as to why there's not more dates listed for the band, who aren't planning to return to the road until November after wrapping up their early September dates. Guitarist Tom Maxwell explained their absence from the road, revealing he's set to have surgery on a finger next month.

"We would have more shows but I have to get hand surgery in September, which is gonna knock us out for about two months while I rehabilitate, but we're right back on it," the guitarist told Rock 100.5 KATT's Cameron Buchholtz (as seen in the player below).

He continued, “I got in a car accident and broke my middle finger in my left hand. I keep getting trigger finger, which — it gets stuck. It’s really odd — an odd feeling. So I’ve got a series of cortisone shots, which the percentage of the cure rate from that is about 70 percent. Unfortunately, I didn’t fall into that. So now [my doctor is] gonna go in and make a little incision and go in here and fix what’s not right.”

Though not the greatest of timing with their Welcome Home album coming Sept. 27, Maxwell says, “Better now than… I can’t keep getting these cortisone shots. You’re only allowed to have a certain amount. [My doctor] hooked me up last time before this tour. So I just have to get it done.”

At present, Hellyeah have five shows left on their current tour leg, with shows in Houston tonight (Aug. 16) and Dallas tomorrow (Aug. 17), followed by three early September dates September 6-8 in Jacksonville, N.C., Greenville, S.C. and Concord, Va. Get ticketing info here and stay tuned for when their late fall dates are announced.

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