While Greta Van Fleet received some criticism over their Saturday Night Live debut in 2019, there's actually been a positive development related to that performance. A viral TikTok trend has revisited that performance and helped boost sales of "You're the One," one of the tracks they played that night.

According to Billboard, the band's catalog has seen a 122 percent jump in the U.S. for on-demand streams, led by "You're the One" which had 923,000 on demand streams, which equates to an increase of 508 percent for the track.

So what is sparking the demand? Fans have latched on to singer Josh Kiszka's mannerisms while performing the song, issuing a challenge to fellow TikTok creators to mimic the odd moment from the performance. Have a look at one of the top posts below.

The "You're the One" bump has led the song to re-enter the Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart at No. 2, which is even higher than it peaked back when the track was originally released. Previously, the song had topped out at No. 5 on the chart.

The "You're the One" sales jump is just part of the story as the band's music as a whole has received a sudden bump. In the week running July 16-22, the band earned 7.6 million on-demand streams of their catalog, with 6,000 digital downloads of their songs and 5,000 downloads in album sales.

It's also been beneficial to the group's more current material. "Heat Above" from their most recent album saw a 62 percent boost with 1,000 downloads during the charting period.

Greta Van Fleet, "You're the One" (Saturday Night Live 2019)

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