Love mashups? Love steamed hams? Then feast your eyes and ears on this mashup from YouTuber Juliana Egg that takes Green Day's classic "Basket Case" and sets the lyrics to the hilariously iconic scene from The Simpsons.

Helmed with the help of fellow creator piratecovejoe, the video, titled "Steamed Hams but it's Basket Case by Green Day," uses the Simpsons meme that's recently swept the internet but fashions it into a pop-punk-fueled cartoon dream that is "the most elaborate thing I've ever put together" on the video-sharing website, the uploader said.

Or is it a nightmare? Just watch below as each lyric from Green Day's 1994 Dookie single is crammed into the show sequence that's become such a ubiquitous online presence that it even got a hefty explainer article from The Wrap.

Of course, anyone over the age of the 30 is probably more familiar with the scene in the context of the show. But in a time when the past's great dinosaurs were said to have mullets and beer guts, certainly anything's possible.

Watch the originals below.

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