One of the last times we saw Godsmack on video, they were showing us their lighter side with Sully Erna and members of the crew giving us their best dance moves. This time you get something a little more seriously intense as the band just delivered a pretty rocking video for their latest single, "Something Different."

While live performance videos are nothing out of the ordinary, director Paris Visone does an excellent job of capturing the fire, the fury and the energy that Godsmack deliver live on a regular basis. Watch as Erna belts out some powerful vocals, drummer Shannon Larkin lets loose behind the kit and Robbie Merrill and Tony Rombola really get into the performance of the song. You get an up-close look at the blood, sweat and tears that go into playing live.  Add in some fun backstage interaction and Visone does a solid job of capturing the intensity onstage and the lighter side offstage that personifies the band.

"Something Different" is featured on Godsmack's 1000hp album. Frontman Sully Erna told Full Metal Jackie, "We found some real magic when we started working with Dave Fortman, our producer. He came on board during ‘The Oracle,’ and that is the first we heard ourselves on a recording as close to how we sound live as possible. I love our other records for different reasons but I think there was a lot of experimenting and searching, fishing for our sound and we did a lot of different kinds of sounds in the past. But the whole mix in general, the production of the album, just never quite represented us like we are live. We used to hear it all the time, that people say man we really love your record, but we love you even more live."

Godsmack's 1000hp is currently available at both Amazon and iTunes. You can look for the band performing songs from the disc on tour this spring. U.S. dates are currently booked into late May, with a European trek to follow. See where they're playing here.

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