First and foremost let me tell you, Glitch Gaming Center is awesome. Buzz and I got to go out there a few months ago to play around and we didn't want to leave. Thankfully for us, they came to us, and they brought Paranormal Activity.

So of course, we threw Joanna and Lisa into the game. For the most part it was pure entertainment. Other than Lisa honestly not knowing how to open a door. Now she might claim that it was the games fault, but it was the very next morning she walked into the door of the studio because she didn't open the door first.

If you would like to check out Glitch Gaming Center, and I highly recommend you do, you can visit them at 1505 George Dieter, or head on over to

This is not your ordinary gaming center, we offer a jaw dropping gaming experience in a state of the art environment. Once you experience Glitch you will be left craving more! We offer multiple gaming option across many platforms to play as a group or individually.

They do have a special for $10 all day gaming Monday through Thursday. Yeah, 10 bucks, game all you want.

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