Ghost just treated fans in Stockholm to the live debut of “Bible.” The Imperiet cover is Ghost’s closing track on their acclaimed Popestar EP and the live debut featured a full-on choir along with Fia Kempe from The Great Discord.

The Popestar EP’s shining track was “Square Hammer,” which immediately became a fan favorite. We even named it the Best Metal Song of 2016. However, amongst the cover songs on Popestar, “Bible” stood out to us as the most grandiose and lush piece, further embellishing Ghost’s Satanic cult concept through the use of religious music.

Ghost’s fans in their home country of Sweden were given the song as a surprise encore, which may end up as a one-night-only occurrence, seeing as Ghost didn’t repeat the feat in Finland two nights later. The choir brought some welcomed life to the ‘80s new wave cover, as did Fia Kempe, who recorded backing vocals for “Bible” on the Popestar EP. Kempe was in full makeup, so the Swedish musician wasn’t hard to spot.

Papa Emeritus III recently made a guest appearance himself, joining Kreator for a German TV performance of “Satan is Real.” Check out some fan-shot footage of Ghost performing “Bible” in the video above!

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