First, let me get the really nerdy part of this out of the way. There was some major timeline issues with season 7 of Game of Thrones. The travel time went against everything the previous 6 had gone by. But, it was still a great season.

And a lot of people watched this season of Game of Thrones. Just take a look at the amount of people watching the show.

  • The season finale had 12.1 million viewers, but this number will go up.
  • If you include streaming and replays, that number jumps up to 16.5 million viewers.
  • Now, if you add in DVR and other on demand numbers, you're looking at that number climbing up to 33 million viewers!
  • Now, taking into account those numbers for the finale, that brings the season average amount of viewers per episode to a whopping 31 million viewers. That's 8 million more viewers than last season.
  • And one more crazy stat from the Hollywood Reporter. They claim that 90% of HBO subscribers in the U.S. watch Game of Thrones. NINETY PERCENT!

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