Ghost have emerged as one of the bigger acts in rock and metal, but thanks to masks, makeup and a shrewd commitment to secrecy, the identities of the players have mostly remained under wraps through the years. However, one now former member of the band has come forth, revealing his past association with the band while resuming his commitment to a group that he played with prior to Ghost.

The musician in question is Martin Persner, who reveals he was a member of the band for seven years. In the clip above, Persner states, "Hi, my name is Martin, and I've been a part of the rock band Ghost for seven years. Some of you people know me as Omega or Quintessence or a Nameless Ghoul or a f--king a--hole for that matter. Since July of last year — 2016, that is — I'm no longer a part of Ghost, as some of you have noticed. The reasons why we'll take at another date, not today."

Persner continues, "I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much to everyone that has supported us, and me, and having come to the shows and all the tours and everything. I'm very, very happy and humbled for having been able to do this. And I'd like to say a massive thanks to every one of you from the bottom of my heart."

He then gets to the reason for the video, stating, "A long time ago, there was a band called MCC, Magna Carta Cartel. MCC went to sleep seven years ago as Ghost emerged. There really wasn't much time for MCC and hasn't been for a long, long time. Now things have changed and it's time that MCC wakes up and rises up again."

It has been believed for some time that Swedish rocker Tobias Forge is the leader of Ghost, performing as Papa Emeritus. Meanwhile, the backing band of Nameless Ghouls have for the most part remained shrouded in secrecy, though it's believed that the lineup of players has changed several times through the years.

As for Persner's band Magna Carta Cartel, they just released a new song and video for a track called "Sway," which is their first fresh offering in eight years. Check out the clip below. "Sway" is expected to be released as an exclusive 500-copies-only seven-inch vinyl single on April 20.

Meanwhile, Ghost are said to be working on a new album that is tentatively expected to arrive late this fall. The band just captured their third Swedish Grammis award for their work on the Popestar EP. Ghost will tour with Iron Maiden in the coming months. See dates and details in our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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