Let's take a trip down Nostalgia Lane and talk about forgotten trends from the 90s and 00s, thanks to AskReddit.


  • Between Clarissa, Blossom, and Tia & Tamara, there were pounds and pounds of chunky layered styles in the 90s for girls. Hats, vests, bodysuits, layered socks, tights and leggings under shorts, jackets, overalls, etc. - bellestarxo
  • The short lived swing resurgence. The Brian setzer orchestra, cherry poppin daddies, etc. it was a weird time. - stodolak
  • Fucking gel pens, man - 2u3e9v
  • Ska. For one glorious summer you'd hear Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Less than Jake on the radio. - DreadfulRauw
  • Can’t believe nobody has said this yet but... WHASSSSUPPPP! - Chraunik
  • My answer is Carpenter's Jean's in the early 00s. Everyone wore those Tommy Hilfiger ones with the logo on the tool loop. Apparently high schoolers everywhere had a need to carry hammers and other stuff around on their pants. - DoctorKynes
  • Didn’t see it yet: Pagers! You were the king of the school if your parent had bought you a pager that you could wear proudly on your belt - tuxman20

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