Foo Fighters have another fresh song en route tonight, but the teaser for the track definitely gives us the feel of another Loudwire favorite act, Rammstein.

A new 14-second animated teaser clip starts off fresh enough with Dave Grohl singing the titular phrase "No Son of Mine," but it's soon followed by a driving drumbeat reminiscent of Rammstein's 1997 world breakout hit "Du Hast" from of their Sehnsucht album. Have a listen below.

Rammstein, "Du Hast"

The newly posted teaser clip also features a ghostly choral vocal accentuating the beat that pays off a bit of previously teased choral vocal the band had posted.

What will the song sound like when you hear it in full? Was the Rammstein nod intentional? We'll find out more this evening when the track is released. Either way it sounds like we've got another Foo Fighters hit on our hands to kick off 2021!

"No Son of Mine" will be the second song to come from the upcoming Medicine at Midnight album, following on the heels of "Shame Shame." The album is due Feb. 5 and you can pre-order/pre-save the set right here.

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