Fleshgod Apocalypse have just revealed a brutal new song from their upcoming fifth studio album, Veleno. The fresh track, “Sugar,” is a melodic and vicious death metal cut, tastefully scaling back the lavish orchestration of some of Fleshgod’s recent records.

“Sugar” is Fleshgod’s first new track since King was unleashed in 2016. The song is driven heavily by guitar and piano, with symphonic elements and a beautiful choir settled in the background.

Fleshgod have also released a video for “Sugar,” which depicts the Italian band trapped in a chamber rapidly filling with water. “I met Giovanni Bucci a couple of years ago, while collaborating on his own band ODDKO. We soon became good friends, so we started talking about having him as director for Fleshgod’s new videos,” says frontman Francesco Paoli.

“He is a true visionary, with amazing directing and production skills. He’s been making music videos for bands like Korn, and he also has a shining career in the movie industry. We all agreed that he would’ve been the key to a huge step forward for us, visually and artistically, especially on a video like this, which was also extremely complex to produce and shoot. The result is on your screen now, and it's better than any description. Just hit the play button and enjoy.”

Paoli continues, “Today is the day. A first taste of our new album, Veleno, is finally available for you all. No words can describe how excited we are and how long we waited for this moment. What you see is the harvest of three years of sweat, revolutions, intense emotions and extreme challenges. We proved ourselves to be stronger than ever, despising compromises, setting the bar higher no matter what. The album is massive to say the least. Every song is a unique piece, literally alive and breathing. Can't wait for you guys to hear the rest…”

Veleno (Italian for “venom”) will drop May 24 via Nuclear Blast. Check out the album art and track listing below and watch the video for “Sugar” above. Fans can pre-order Veleno here.

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

Fleshgod Apocalypse, Veleno Track Listing:

Carnivorous Lamb
The Praying Mantis’ Strategy
Worship and Forget
Pissing on the Score
The Day We’ll Be Gone
Embrace the Oblivion

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