Kids, do you love the guitar? Nick Bowcott certainly does, and the onetime Grim Reaper guitarist and Dimebag Darrell confidant (who is currently working with Sweetwater) is here to take you through five of his favorite "Drop D" riffs. The Music Experience's Squiggy introduces Bowcott, then gives way to the guitarist for this demonstration in this edition of Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater.

Bowcott is utilizing a classic Eddie Van Halen guitar for this demonstration, telling the viewing audience, "The thing I love about Drop D is that one finger equals one chord."

The guitarist serves up five of his favorite riffs, calling them "deceptively easy to play." Among them is Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," owing a nod to the song that got him into metal, and "Unchained" from Van Halen, making good use of that Eddie Van Halen guitar.

Bowcott also offers a Pantera nod to his past work with Dimebag Darrell and serves up two more riffs for your enjoyment. He ends the clip with a challenge for guitar players out there to deliver their favorite "Drop D" riffs as well, suggesting they leave their videos in the comments section. Best of luck and we look forward to your entries into the discussion.

If you're looking for some fresh gear to display your "Drop D" riffs, be sure to head over to

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