Five Finger Death Punch aim to enter the studio soon to start tracking not just one but two new albums — a follow-up to last year's F8 as well as a re-recorded version of their 2007 debut, The Way of the Fist.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory shared the news in a May 17 Facebook video, the update focusing on the vehicle-loving rocker's participation in this year's Corsa America Rally. (The sports and luxury car event hits seven different cities across the Southwest U.S. this month.) Near the end of the clip, the musician uncovered Five Finger Death Punch's docket for the next few months.

Watch the video toward the bottom of this post.

"Right after the Rally, we are heading to the studio to begin recording our new album (due in 2022)," Bathory explains in an accompanying statement. "Later this summer we are also planning to re-record our first album - The Way of the Fist - (which turns 15 years old next year) It was a truly self produced DIY album, mostly recorded in my living room, so we thought it would be really interesting to hear it with a proper big production."

In the video, the guitarist, who founded Five Finger Death Punch in 2005 with drummer and The Way of the Fist co-producer Jeremy Spencer (now of Psychosexual), looks back on those early FFDP recording sessions with slight chagrin.

"It never really got the big production treatment," Bathory says. "So I really wanna see [what] it will sound like. I mean, imagine, 'Way of the Fist,' 'The Bleeding,' all these songs with this giant sound — imagine [what] it's gonna sound like. Yeah, you feelin' it? I'm feelin' it."

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