If you played your grandmother some Five Finger Death Punch right now, how do you think she'd react? Chances are she would dismiss the band as some "noise" and use it as a chance to spurn rock music. That can't be said for the "Heavy Metal Grandma" FFDP plucked out of the crowd and brought onstage in Norway on Saturday (Nov. 18) night.

The group posted a short clip on Twitter (seen below) along with the message, "Highlight of the night... Special Guest "Heavy Metal Grandma" - we found this 70 years old lady rocking out in the first row ... She is more metal than you." At first, she's seen up against the rail in the front row, losing herself in the show. FFDP took note and her animated state went nuclear when they invited her onstage during the performance of "Jekyll & Hyde." Taking turns standing next to singer Ivan Moody and later bassist Chris Kael, she jumped with excitement, flailing her arms and even entertained some air guitar.

The Norwegian stop was one of the first on Five Finger Death Punch's co-headlining tour with In Flames, featuring Of Mice & Men as the opening act. The run will close out a year of touring for FFDP, finishing up on Dec. 21 in London.

On the studio side, A Decade of Destruction, the newest greatest hits collection from FFDP will be released on Dec. 1 and features the new song "Trouble." Fans can expect more music next year as the band plans on issuing their next full length album in 2018.

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