A bullet has struck the windshield of Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares' car in Los Angeles, prompting an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Yesterday (Jan. 21), Cazares uploaded two photos to Twitter. One was of the shattered windshield on his car, where a bullet had struck and became lodged in the broken glass. In the second photo, an outstretched hand in a black latex glove is seen holding the bullet in question.

Cazares, who recently resurrected Fear Factory after a drawn-out legal battle over rights to the name, was asked by police if he had any known enemies, to which he replied, "Yes," and proceeded to name three individuals, though he did not mention any of them by name in the post.

"LAPD said it looks like a 45 caliber, it's a big bullet," wrote the guitarist.

One fan on Twitter questioned why a bullet of this size was not capable of breaking entirely through the windshield. Clarifying the image seen above where the bullet is seen protruding from the car's protective glass front, Cazares explained, "The bar that holds the dash and windshield stopped the bullet from going in."

Fear Factory are expected to release their first new album since 2015's Genexus this year, which Cazares announced on social media back in September. He's since started a crowdfunding campaign for financial support for "newly incurred production costs" for the album, which spurred singer Burton C. Bell to distance himself from the move, saying he had no involvement in it.

Not long after, Bell officially quit Fear Factory and professed he would continue making new music with Ascension of the Watchers.

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