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I did not know this was a thing.

Apparently, there are Houston Astros fans who like to 'dry fire' their guns when the team scores a run. Well, things went horribly wrong when the ‘Stros scored 10 runs in advancing to the American League Championship Series the other night.

According to KTRK-TV in Houston:

A group of people who were watching the game told officers they would "dry fire" their guns anytime a run was scored, according to Houston police.

On the last Astros' score of the game, one of the people at the gathering forgot to unload his weapon before firing it and struck his friend in the abdomen, investigators said.

Officers detained one person at the scene and said the victim was expected to survive.

HPD was consulting with the Harris County District Attorney's Office on whether charges would be brought against the shooter.

Boy, this is just stupid on all levels. You don't play with guns. I mean if they had toy guns, this would be a different story, actually, it would be a non-story. This story doesn't say if alcohol was involved, but if it was that is even more wrong to mix guns and alcohol.

Thank God the person who was shot will survive, but this could have been a very horrifying situation. Hopefully, this can be a lesson for people and even some Astros fans out there.

So, tell us your thoughts, your reaction, and your opinion on this story. Are you an Astros fan? Do you know any Astros fans who 'dry fire' when the team scores a run? Tell us what you think on Facebook or on our station app.

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