Loudwire’s Hello Kitty Sessions continue with a special performance from Evanescence’s Amy Lee. In this exclusive video, you’ll see Amy deliver a candlelit version of Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.”

We were thrilled when Amy Lee paid us a visit to talk about the future of Evanescence and the songstress’ new kids album, Dream Too Much. Amy’s fresh collection of cover songs and originals are aimed for young children — much like her own 2-year-old, Jack — so we offered the rock frontwoman a toy Hello Kitty keyboard and challenged her to make it soar.

Amy wanted to surprise us with her song choice and we only found out once she got into the first verse of “I Will Follow You Into the Dark.” The keyboard offered its own surprise to Amy, since the toy has almost no sustain and won’t play chords consisting of more than three notes. Amy took it all in stride, however, stretching out her chords into individual notes and embracing a minimalistic approach to the ballad.

What Amy was able to pull out is mesmerizing and may cause you to shed a tear, so get out those Kleenex and enjoy Amy Lee’s Hello Kitty performance above!

Amy Lee’s Dream Too Much album is available now through Amazon, and Amazon Prime members can stream the entire record for free right now! Additionally, you can pre-order Evanescence's comprehensive box set The Ultimate Collection here.

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