Why keep beer in a fridge when there's a much less obvious place that'll have people talking?

That's the question that clearly was plaguing this fella. He hid a slew of beers underground in his yard and pulls them up using a crank.

When he's done, he simply pulls the crank in the opposite direction and watches his beers go back in hiding.

Not since Red left his letter for Andy under the tree in The Shawshank Redemption has a man managed to effectively keep something in hiding.

Why exactly he chose to create a panic room for his beer is a mystery -- maybe he wanted some on tap if he ever feels compelled to try the beer mile? -- but it's pretty darned cool and probably makes for some great party conversation. If he's got some more subterranean space, he ought to consider plying it with pretzels and nuts so when the apocalypse comes he'll have a nice supply of the most important things to sustain him during the end of days.

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