On Halloween, a few of our employees dressed up in costume. Brandon dressed up like Ed Asner's character from Up. Lisa dressed as Joanna and Joanna dressed like a sad, lonely cat lady (herself). Buzz did his take on the late, great King of Rock and Roll. Yes, it was Buzz as Elvis. Buzvis.

Check out this video as Buzvis repeatedly interrupts people trying to get their work done with his Elvis-related 'Knock-Knock' jokes. Also, I haven't reached my 150 word minimum for this post so, after the video, I'll tell you a racy Halloween joke.

OK, here's the joke to put me over 150 words.

A guy shows up at a Halloween party wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. No shirt, no shoes or socks...just the jeans. The host of the party says, "Hey, man. What are you dressed as?" The guy responds, "A premature ejaculation". "What?" says the host. "What do you mean 'a premature ejaculation?' " The guy says, "I just came in my pants."

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