'Riding for Boobs' an El Paso based charity has been banned by the American Cancer Society's from using its logo while an investigation is underway in regards to 'Riding for Boobs' fundraising practices.

Starting out as a bike run, the charity has now morphed into four events a year. Founder of the charity, Isela Reyes says that raising money for breast cancer research is personal for her as she is a breast cancer survivor.

But the problem comes from not providing receipts to those donating money. One anonymous donor claims they wrote a check to the charity and asked for a receipt, but was told the charity didn't have a record of the donation.

This has caused the American Cancer Society to release the following statement:

The American Cancer Society has zero tolerance for financial impropriety of any kind and has opened a formal investigation into Riding for Boobs. Per our policy, the American Cancer Society does not release the names or information of individual donors and cannot comment further about the investigation at this time.

Reyes claims that she's collected and donated $55,000 to The American Cancer Society, but ACS says that only $13,000 have made it's way to the foundation.

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