Musical tributes to Eddie Van Halen can turn up in surprising places. But perhaps none sound as wondrous as a giant church bell tower's tribute to the iconic Van Halen guitarist who died earlier this month.

The Dom Tower is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. Just a few days after Eddie Van Halen's death, carillonneur Malgosia Fiebig performed a soaring medley comprising a slew of Van Halen classics from the tower. The heavenly bell tones give the influential rockers' catalog a unique twist.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The carillon that controls the church tower's music is a type of instrument made up of 23 different bells. When performed by a carillonneur, the assembly can make thunderous sounds that could wake an entire town.

Just hear how ripping Van Halen numbers such as "Jump," "Love Walks In" and "Why Can't This Be Love" get their melodies made almost more heavenly when played by the cacophonous church bells.

This type of tribute is certainly in a class of its own. But salutes to Eddie Van Halen have been pouring in since the guitarist died.

After all, it was a shock to the music world when the renowned shredder and Van Halen co-founder died at the age of 65 on Oct. 6. But, among the many tributes that subsequently emerged, it appears that listeners have remembered the rocker most by enjoying the creative legacy he left: The guitarist's death prompted a huge surge in the sales of Van Halen's catalog.

Fan site Van Halen News Desk first pointed out the church bell tribute this week.

Carillon Dom Tower Tribute to Van Halen - Oct 10, 2020

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