DragonForce might have the most interesting song you'll hear all day, with the band deciding to put their stamp on Celine Dion's mega '90s ballad "My Heart Will Go On."

Knowing DragonForce, you can expect it won't be the sweeping ballad that commanded the airwaves but rather, it's now a speed metal anthem. You can listen to the band infuse this adult contemporary classic with a jolt of pure speed metal.

Speaking with Dead Press, guitarist Herman Li stated of the cover, "It was about making an epic song on every DragonForce album, and it fits in well with the whole theme of the album and the fun artwork and just having fun with it. It’s really catchy and people like it."

The player below includes audio samples of the Extreme Power Metal songs, and you'll be able to hear the songs in full when the album arrives on Sept. 27. The "My Heart Will Go On" sample starts at 10:21 on the player below.

To celebrate the new album release, DragonForce Will perform at TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego, with fans being able to catch the performance at the Glitch Theatre and also streaming online via Twitch.

DragonForce, "My Heart Will Go On"

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