Demon Hunter have gained some considerable buzz surrounding Outlive, their eighth full length offering. As fans wait for the March 31 release on Solid State, the band has teamed up with Loudwire for another look at what the album holds with the video premiere for "Died in My Sleep."

Never short on infectious melodies and chest-thumping grooves, Demon Hunter play with a clever sense of dynamics, dishing out their harder edged side musically while Ryan Clark's voice provides a sense of control and comfort. A delicate synth lead plays off the guitar melody brilliantly, offering just enough subtle texture to the chorus to give "Died in My Sleep" a richer sense of depth.

"The video treatment for 'Died In My Sleep' was more about an overall vibe than a specific story. The goal was to strip the concept back to strictly performance, but still deliver something visually interesting," says Clark. "Instead of opting for the typical desaturated tones that have become synonymous with metal videos, we pulled inspiration from the vibrant colors found in many of our favorite videos and photographs from the '90s — namely Nirvana’s video for 'Heart-Shaped Box' and the album cover for Alice In ChainsFacelift."

"With 'sleep' being a running theme, we wanted to create a world that seemed unordinary — almost like a computer glitch-laden subconscious," the singer continues. "We worked with Belief Agency to built a forest set on an indoor sound stage, and used projectors to cast colors and textures against the background and on the band members. It was a lot of fun to set up and just experiment with these layers."

Pre-orders for Outlive can be placed at the Solid State webstore, Amazon or digitally through iTunes. You can catch Demon Hunter at this year's Chicago Open Air with more details found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Festivals.

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