New music has been one of the only positive things people have had to look forward to throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Lucky for rock and metal fans, Deftones' new album Ohms is out today (Sept. 25). Frontman Chino Moreno recently hopped on a call with Loudwire Nights' Toni Gonzalez to discuss the album, and during the conversation, he revealed an anxiety-filled dream that he's had several times.

"It's always like, we're supposed to be onstage or whatever, and I'm backstage looking for stuff, and I can't find something — whatever it may be. It's like one of my shoes or something that I need to go onstage with, and I can't find it," the vocalist described.

"I'm like panicking because the band's already onstage and they already start playing the songs, and it's literally like they play a couple of songs without any vocals to it. And I can kind of hear people in the crowd going, 'Where's Chino?' And I'm backstage, panicking, still looking for something. I've had that dream actually a few times."

While he doesn't quite know the meaning behind that sort of dream, he does believe that Ohms will be relative to a lot of listeners in these current times. Though written prior to the pandemic, he thinks it mirrors how a lot of people have been feeling throughout it.

"I'd rather not just sum up what you should feel when you hear it, but I definitely think it's an emotional record," he explained. "It was made pre-pandemic, but I really feel like there's a lot of stuff on it that really, really mirrors kind of what a lot of people I think are going through right now as far as just dealing with all this isolation and lack of connection. I feel like that rears its head a few times with this batch of songs."

Speaking of isolation, not only are Deftones currently unable to tour in support of Ohms, but Moreno revealed that the band haven't even seen each other in six months. "It's so weird right now that we have a new record coming out, and I haven't even seen these guys in almost half of a year."

To hear more about the songwriting process for Ohms, the special, reworked 20th edition of White Pony titled Black Stallion and more, listen to the full interview above.

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