Deftones are up to something with their social media and website, and there's a strong possibility that it has to do with their new album.

Each of the band's social media accounts were recently updated with a dark black profile photo, while both Facebook and Twitter have a similar dark black banner with Deftones in white lettering. By clicking on the Facebook profile photo, you're directed to the band's website, which is initially blacked out as well before an image of pixelated dots starts to become clearer on the screen. Could it be artwork? Could it be a message? Have a look and see.

The most significant clue that it's tipping a new album is the website's new URL, which is "0925" is Sept. 25, which also happens to be a Friday when albums are typically released. Back in June, drummer Abe Cunningham stated in an interview, "It should be coming along, hopefully, maybe September."

For the new album, the band reunited with producer Terry Date. Cunningham added in his Download Festival interview, "We can’t help but sound like ourselves, but just being back with Terry, there’s certain sounds that we developed with Terry that kind of became sort of our core sounds, and those are back again.”

Keep an eye on Deftones' website to see if the tease becomes any clearer in the coming days.

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