Former Korn drummer David Silveria says his 2006 exit from the band was due to miscommunication between the members, as well as a severe back injury that occurred around the time the band's relationships started going downhill. He was recently featured as a guest on Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle's podcast, The Ex-Man Podcast.

Silveria recalls that during his last year in Korn, he sustained a back injury that he decided to treat with massages and pills so that he could continue his work in the band. After several months of this self-treatment routine, the pain grew increasingly unbearable, so he had an x-ray done.

"And from the x-ray, he just said it looked like my back was out of place really bad or something—it was kind of a cloudy x-ray—so he just started giving me a bunch of pain pills," the drummer says, admitting it led to a dependency.

He eventually got another x-ray done by a different specialist who told him his back had been broken for over a year. He had screws and a synthetic disc put into the vertebrae of his back to correct it, and as a result, now has arthritis forming in his lower back.

While Silveria mainly attributes his departure from Korn to the injury and recovery process, he also admits there was a "communication breakdown" amongst the members. "There was never any reason I can think of, but it just seemed like at a point we kind of stopped communicating with each other like we had in the past," he says.

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"And instead of talking as a band, individuals would start calling our managers and talking to them about things. And it kind of broke our communication between all of us as a band. And I think once that started to happen, the relationships between everyone kind of steadily went on a decline," he adds, citing that this downspiral happened during his hiatus from the group while his back was healing. "I think that’s what kind of drove me not to having the fire in me to go back."

Listen to the full audio below.

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