Megadeth's new album is really underway. Dave Mustaine officially started recording his vocals earlier this month, and now he's given another update that they're almost done. The frontman also revealed that there will be a cover song featured on the finished product.

"Lyrics, all done. Singing, almost all done. Guitar solos, in the process. And all the other little things that go on the record — the ear candy, the background vocals, the keyboards and percussion stuff — is also going down as we speak," Mustaine said on Gimme Metal's Dave Mustaine Show (as heard below).

The singer added that bassist David Ellefson just recently sent him over another lyric that he needs to complete and turn into a song.

"I'm pretty stoked," he continued. "And I can't wait to tell you what cover song we chose for this record. I'll tell you soon. I think you'll get it. I've been giving you guys hints for a while. But I haven't really let anybody know."

If you have any ideas, let us know. Listen to the full episode below.

The working title for the record is The Sick, The Dying And The Deadaccording to a Q+A the frontman did in early January, though he admitted they often change it around a few times before settling on one. However, the band doesn't have a timeline just yet, as they are debating whether or not to hold its release until they are able to tour.

Megadeth New Album Update - "The Dave Mustaine Show"

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